Corporate Structure

Determining what corporate structure your new business should have is an incredibly important decision which has serious tax, legal and personal repercussions. Consult with an attorney to determine which structure fits your specific business and goals for business development

Corporate Compliance

Once your new business is set-up, there are numerous regulations and laws to navigate. Consult with an attorney to ensure that your business is in compliance with California and local laws as well as assistance compiling your records, minutes and treasury data.

Corporate Advisory

Managing a business can be a complex and arduous journey, having an attorney oversee your corporate formation, continue to assist you with corporate compliance and balance your new business interests with tax and estate planning advice to protect your financial goals is a smart and holistic approach getting your business from an entry level to thriving status.


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Accidents happen, especially in the horse industry—compliance with California Occupational Safety & Health regulations when they occur is vital. Cal/OSHA protects and improves the health and safety of California workers through multiple programs including the mandatory serious injury/illness or fatality report. Failure to comply with OSHA reporting requirements will result in considerable fines. Erin is experienced in providing assistance to both workers and their employers to comply with report requirements and avoiding penalties. In the event that you have been issued a citation from OSHA, Erin will assist you in coming into compliance with reporting requirements and if necessary, will help you negotiate a settlement with the OSHA Appeals Board.